Jennifer Z. Terrizzi – Licensed Massage Therapist – Maplewood, NJ

Maplewood, NJ Licensed Massage Therapist

Massage Services Provided at Jennifer Z. Terrizzi’s Maplewood, NJ Office

Integrative Massage – A full-body massage incorporating various techniques which can include Neuromuscular Therapy, Swedish, Deep Tissue, warm stones and stretching. This massage session is customized to an individual’s needs in order to alleviate tight muscle tissue.
60 min – $90      /       75 min – $100      /      90 min – $125

Prenatal Massage – A full-body massage that will focus on releasing muscle tension in areas of the body that is common with expectant mothers. The bodyCushion™ is used for optimal side lying comfort. Massage therapy will also aid in calming anxiety and concerns that are sometimes present during pregnancy.
60 min – $90      /       75 min – $100      /      90 min – $125

Therapeutic Massage – This massage is designed to release specific muscle groups that may be tight due to poor posture, overuse, repetitive motion or surgery. Common areas include neck/shoulder, low back/hips, IT band/knee joint and Temporomandibular joint. The entire session is dedicated to working on affected muscle groups utilizing Neuromuscular Therapy, Sports Massage, deep tissue, and stretching.
45 min – $75      /      60 min – $85      /       75 min – $95

Chair Massage – Chair massage is an excellent way of relieving stress and increasing morale in the workplace. A 10 to 15 minute massage can release muscle tension and revitalize energy. It is also a special addition to any occasion, such as a bridal shower, golf outing or charity event.
$75 per hour


The state of NJ requires a 6.625% sales tax on all massage services.